September 30th, 2017 // 9:00AM - 9:00PM

A Unique Concept...

The Quiet on the Set Film Festival seeks to bring audiences and filmmakers together outside of the theater. Three sets will be installed around the Ludlow Avenue business district where local filmmakers, students, artists, groups, and individuals will have the opportunity to utilize the space however they'd like to create their short films. A combination of live theatre, film production, and community interaction, The Quiet on the Set Film Festival will be an engaging experience for both artist and audience.


What will be provided?

Groups will be provided with three 8x12 film sets, decorated to look like a park, a bar/cafe, and a home kitchen. The sets will be lit, and a small array of props will be provided. These sets will be available for 1-hour blocks throughout the day. What you do within these parameters is completely up to you!



What do we need to bring?

Film groups will need to bring all of their own video and audio equipment, crew, script, talent, and miscellaneous props. Equipment can range from top-of-the-line production gear to something as simple as a cell phone. Bring an open mind, a creative spirit, and a good imagination. We provide the setting, you provide the magic.

How is this all possible?

The Quiet on the Set Film Festival has been made possible through the cooperation of multiple local sponsors: